The Art to be unique on French Riviera

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The Koa Wood Phantom

In a world often dominated by luxury commodities designed for mass consumption, the commission of a Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended exemplifies the notion of true luxury. A collaboration between the client and Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design team prompts a union of master craftsmanship with the finest materials, resulting in the creation of a deeply personal legacy. …


Rolls Royce announces new brand identity

Rolls-Royce announces new brand identity further modernising the marqueNew identity continues Rolls-Royce’s journey from automotive manufacturer to House of Luxury. New visual language will resonate with younger demographic of clientsLeading design agency Pentagram appointed to envision new Rolls-Royce identity, to be rolled out from September « Take the Best that Exists and Make it Better ». Since …


The Wraith Kryptos collection a labyrinth of complex ciphers

Rolls-Royce invites clients to decipher encrypted messages within unique new Collection Car Wraith Kryptos Collection incorporates series of secret messages Only two people know the answer and what the cipher will revealA sealed envelope in the Chief Executive’s safe holds the key to the code. Rolls-Royce Collection Cars are poetic embodiments of artistry and skill, …